“Producing ideas from concept to dubplate and masters has allowed me to hone a process I love and that gets results.”

“Playing my tracks in clubs around the world has taught me how to craft tunes that make a sound system sing.”

“I love to work with people on projects that can be brought to life with a little Merka Magic.”


A full-on remix of your own track, ideal as a new release or b-side. Or for DJs, a bootleg remix of another track to give you a fresh interpretation ready to drop.

Effort estimate: 3 days


Bring a song up to date, Merka-style. Request reimagining your favourite tune, or one that would fit your project, label, DJ set or club night.

Effort estimate: 3 days


Contract an original work, from audio snippets to full songs, or short video soundtracks that bring emphasis and emotion at just the right time.

Effort estimate: 1+ days


Production on your raw track to
elevate it using embellishments, ideas and magic that give it the presence to sit you amongst the heavyweights.

Effort estimate: 4 days

Please reach out if you have an interesting project that you want to discuss.

Get in contact to make your project happen.

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